"Welcome to DevilsPlayground666.com. What awaits you inside these pages is not merely a website, but a virtual house of horrors available 24/7 at your fingertips. My undying dedication to blood, guts, and gore promises to give you the viewer a memorable scare that will haunt your soul long after you have closed you web browser...and eyes ;) I hope you enjoy your visit here, and you walk away just a little bit more twisted, a slight bit more warped then before, but most of all I hope you have fun. Have a " - Freddie "king4adaze5" Simmering

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"Each year the Playground continues to be the subject of praise from it's extremely loyal (and somewhat rabbid ) fanbase. And thanks to all the support, DP666.com has won some prestigious awards from it's peers. Below you'll find a few of these."

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